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Special Pressure Vessels

Offshore Marine Pressure Volume Temperature Sampling

Compatible with H2S, Mercury and high aromatics, available for working pressures up to 15000 psi. A very robust construction against mechanical damage, built in a virtually infinite range of volumes (between 10cm3 and 50 litres) from ex stock modular subcomponents. NOTE: with SOSBO (sour oil sample bottles) your samples are enclosed in stainless sleeves and end caps which are replaceable in the event of staining or contamination. SOSBO's are internally corrosion inspectable pressure vessels in which only the cost of liners and end caps need be incurred over many years of service, and in which you can ensure clinical cleanliness by internal inspection. SOSBO, a quality product which is inexpensive to keep as perfect as new.

Sample Bottles, Transportation Cylinders or "bombs" take suffix F.S.V. on the end of the model code for supply with the H.OS.L. built in FAIL SAFE VALVE.

316 st.st. displacement 100 cm3 per stroke for pressure up to 800 Bars (11,600 psig) supplied with Viton Seals and 1/8 National Pipe Taper, exhaust ported, teak mounted with fold away handle complete with gauge and carrying case. These pumps are also available with failsafe valves for easier transport, i.e. less dismantling.