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Offshore Semi Submersible Drilling Rigs

An image of some components included on an offshore drilling rigs. Examples: Mud pump, hydro-pneumatic subsurface accumulator system for blowout preventor, hydro-pneumatic skid package system for blowout preventer remote control, and drill pipe.

Hydropneumatic compensator system for drill string wave motion. Hydropneumatic compensator system for crane. Hydraulic winch drive for wire line machine. Hydropneumatic skid package system for blowoutpreventor remote control. Guide line tensioners. Hydropneumatic wrench for rotary table drill string. Hydropneumatic tensioner system for marine conductor. Hydropneumatic sub surface accumulator system for blowout preventer. Units for sour oil sampling. Hydropneumatic units for mud pump pulsation damping. Crown Block Travelling Block Hook Kelly Rotary Table Mud Pump Draw Works Telescopic Joint Mean Sea Level Guide Lines Drill String Hydraulic Control Hose For Well Head Marine Conductor Ball Or Flexible Joint Blow Out Preventers And Well Head Body Anchor Mud Line 30" Casing Set 200' 18' Casing Cemented At 1000' 13" Casing Cemented At 3000' 9" Casing Cemented At 7000/10000' Casing Drill Pipe 8 1/4" Bit Drilling To 10000/14000' If Well Sucessful 7" Casing Will Be Run Bit Mud Do Not Scale - Not Proportional