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Magnetic Position Indicating Accumulators

MagdAcc Piston Type Accumulators

MagdAcc Piston Type Accumulators

A MagdAcc piston type accumulator has a light weight piston where the dynamic seals are aligned with the piston center, and where both the gas and liquid skirt ends have graphite filled Teflon guide rings. The piston has a hole with seals in its center. The hole in the center of the piston with seals rides up and down the outside of a heavy wall smooth stainless steel tube, the piston contains a magnet on its gas side that activates glass bulb encapsulated micro switches that are inside the central tube; they produce signals of piston position and therefore volume stored generally by telemetry at least to a colored set of light bulbs.

HydroTrole piston accumulators have a sealing geometry that ensures pre-charge gas retention with immeasurable loss over an MTBF (meantime between failure) design criteria of 32 million cycles, with minimum hysteresis break out stiction achieved by placing the dynamic seals so closely adjacent each other that seal deflection ensures that the lubricant held between the seals instantly reaches the same pressure as the oil and the pre-charge gas. All pistons with so lightly loaded dynamic seals are prevented from experiencing a differential pressure at gas end and at liquid end of stroke by a static encapsulated shut-down seal than face seals against the end of the piston skirt on each side. Piston accumulators are recommended because when they do begin to go down it is gradual progressive, and determinate. They are recommended for emergency standby power.

Main Features: Stainless Steel Central Column with Reed Switches for remote Indication


Part Numbers / Sizing





Information About: Part Numbers / Sizing

  • The number that is followed by the letters "Lt" denotes the number of liters nominal volume. There are 61 cubic inches in one liter.




MagdAcc Piston Accumulator Applications

MagdAcc Piston Accumulator ApplicationsApplication(s) or example(s) that save peak hydraulic horsepower energy levels and reduce capital costs for pumping systems, whilst increasing control precision.

The necessity to know that there is an available volume stored at a sufficient pressure to actuate an emergency shutdown system in the event of explosion and/or power loss or for shutting in a hydrocarbon flow system in emergency is provided by telemetry from MagdAcc signals.









MagdAcc Piston Accumulator Assembly

HydroTrole accumulators are easy and simple to assemble without specialized tooling or equipment; including spares, repairs, and recertification capability.