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Hydraulic Skid Packages

Skid Mounted Hydraulic Control System Packages

Skid mounted, packaged, central hydraulic control systems built up from a standard range of over 500 different hydraulic accumulators. Bladder type, piston type, indace and diaphragm type accumulators are our everyday business and have been for the last five years. Our team of hydraulic system engineers will design a package to be custom-built to your specific requirements. A typical downhole valve and surface valve control pack will consist of a tank, a 15 horsepower 3 phase, 1500 R.P.M. Div 1 Group 2A flame proof electric motor, a 50 US gpm, 3 throw ram pump or 3000 psi gear pump, an air driven or hand operated back up pump, tank strainer, pressure filtration, non return valves, pump controller, hydraulic accumulator skid package station and shear seal directional control valves, all mounted on a bevelled edge skid.

IndAcc Piston Accumulator Assembly


For low pressure actuation, typically around 1500 psi pressure reducing valves can be used on a 3000 psi or even 6000 psi package thereby building in a wide pressure differential minimising the hydraulic accumulator sizes and overall skid size. On the subject of overall physical size. no other manufacturer can draw from as large a range of hydraulic accumulators as we can (Hydrotrole limited manufacture them) therefore units can be sized exactly without wastage of space. All accumulator units can be connected to gas back- up bottles which themselves can either be supplied as part of the main system or as a separate skid mounted package.

Whether controlling BOP stack control systems, blow out preventors, emergency shut-down, emergency shut-in, downhole valves, surface valves, or pig launches it pays to consult an engineering company that also manufactures the basic hardware components.

PistoFram Piston Accumulator Assembly

MagdAcc Piston Accumulator Applications